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A 40-Year Journey to American Energy Security

Today, the U.S. has an abundant supply of domestic energy. That would have been a pipe dream just four decades ago, when Americans had to rely on foreign energy. Thanks to new technology, investments in infrastructure and partnerships, America is an energy exporter. Here’s how it happened:

Energy Production
Energy Consumption

Generation Energy

Meet the people who are building a brighter future today.


Pipeline to Energy Efficiency and Reliability

Tyler Pedersen ensures natural gas is transported safely so it can be exported around the world

Marisa Ruffolo

Meet Energy’s First Line of Defense

Chevron’s Marisa Ruffolo and her colleagues work tirelessly to thwart cyber foes attacking an essential American industry. She helps to keep our energy infrastructure safe.

Drew Pomerantz

Harnessing Tech to Reduce Emissions

Scientists from across the industry are working on getting the world’s cleanest major fuel source even cleaner. For Drew Pomerantz, that process starts with a Ghostbusters backpack.