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Jenna Compehos

Operations and Maintenance Coordinator, Alyeska Pipeline Service Company

Valdez, Alaska

Jenna Compehos is proud of her deep roots in Valdez, Alaska

Meet the Fourth-Generation Alaskan Keeping Oil Transportation Safe

Jenna Compehos is proud of her deep roots in Valdez, Alaska

August 15, 2022

Supporting and safeguarding the Valdez, Alaska community is a priority for Jenna Compehos.

As a fourth-generation resident — her family first arrived via steamship in 1906 — she has deep, meaningful roots in the area. And as an operation and maintenance coordinator for Alyeska Pipeline Service Company, she manages compliance-related matters designed to preserve Valdez for generations to come.

“Alaska is one of the most beautiful places in the world and Valdez is the most beautiful place,” she says. “I want to protect that, not only as a Alyeska employee, but as a citizen of Valdez.”

Her family history is interwoven with the energy industry and the Trans Alaska Pipeline System (TAPS), which delivers about four percent of America’s crude oil supply.

“My grandfather was the mayor of Valdez. He was here when the first pipe arrived on a ship,” she says. “My mother was a tanker agent for 40 years.”

Ensuring Oil’s Safe Transport

Compehos describes her job as “a conduit” between state and federal regulators and her colleagues at Alyeska. Whether it’s an air quality permit or a water permit, “we have to follow certain regulations to keep everyone safe and keep TAPS operating.”

Her compliance documentation work impacts numerous business areas, from equipment maintenance to contingency planning to creating and maintaining manuals.

“I feel like I have my hand in everything,” she notes.

Compehos capitalizes on technological advances, such as software that helps streamline compliance documentation, to efficiently handle many of her duties.

“Digitizing records and having those historical records to reference and learn from is really important,” she says.

Giving Back to the Local Community

Compehos is a mom of three who actively participates in community events. And in 2021, she took on yet another role: a business owner.

Following the entrepreneurial footsteps of her great grandparents, who started a local bank, and her grandfather, who opened a restaurant and grocery store, she launched the Salty Lupine, a boutique that sells clothing, art and homeware. 

“I wanted to highlight local Alaskan artists,” she says. “We have pottery, jewelry and candles that are made within the state of Alaska.”

On top of all that, Compehos remains active on the Junior Achievement of Valdez’s community committee. A self-described “philanthropist at heart” who was honored as Junior Achievement of Alaska’s 2021 Volunteer of the Year, her daughters have also embraced giving back.

“I feel like being active in the community has taught my children to want to do the same,” she says. “When we go to the food bank and volunteer, or we’re part of a fundraiser for United Way, my children see how it benefits people.”

On top of it all, she goes to work each day knowing she’s making a difference by helping to safely produce and transport energy.

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